Kentico Survey: What Do Digital Marketers Really Want in 2015?

The survey Kentico conducted with Millward Brown has one primary objective – to deliver the deepest insights possible into the digital marketing trends of 2015. Read this blog to learn a bit about the topics presented in this report, which details how successful digital marketers are proactively taking measures to adjust to the constant changes in their industry.

Digital Marketers are constantly having to adjust to both progressive and drastic changes in their industry. How will they be able to keep up in this continually evolving environment? 

According to the survey findings, high performing marketers plan to keep up with these ever-changing trends by investing more into social and mobile in contrast to their underperforming peers in 2015 – they also plan to spend more on email marketing. Among the top three priorities for the year are Customer experience management, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.
The other key areas marketers will draw their attention to in 2015 include personalization of online content and marketing, mobile-specific apps and ads as well as social marketing and analytics. Marketers are steering away from user-generated ideas for products, service innovations and marketing content.

Other findings discuss the increasing likelihood of marketing becoming more automated. However, despite all of the robots, more successful marketers believe even more strongly that more people will be needed in the digital side of their business. Smaller and typically underperforming companies believe that marketing materials will have to turn to outsourcing.

Data, data, data… and it can all be found here in our report! Download the What do digital marketers really want in 2015? report now and get all of the nitty-gritty details and stay ahead of the game! 
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