Kentico Survey: How Do Top Performing Digital Agencies Plan to Stay Ahead in Their Game in 2016?


Kentico and Millward Brown surveyed 300 senior managers and directors of digital agencies across three continents to reveal the strategies they have implemented and plan to implement to expand their capacity and outreach in 2016. In our report, you will learn whether they plan to invest more in software or recruitment and how successful digital agencies are taking proactive steps to adjust to the constant changes in their industry.


The survey reveals that:
•    90% of higher performing agencies plan to hire new people
•    71% of agencies overall expect to invest more money in software
•    Half of the agencies surveyed plan to outsource more
•    Slightly less than half hope to grow through acquisition

Download the Digital Agencies 2016 Survey report now and learn whether you are one of the above-average performing digital agencies or if you are lagging behind.


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Katerina Rozsnyo Pelanova

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