Kentico Opens U.S. Office!

I'm happy we can finally announce this publicly - we have just opened a U.S. office in Nashua, New Hampshire!
<p> <img align="right" alt="Kentico is growing step-by-step, like this sequoia :)" height="400" hspace="10" src="/getattachment/c38935d7-a0b6-4588-9fb9-161f82b08ae6/PICT1725.jpg" vspace="10" width="300" />This is a big day for both Kentico and our clients. We have just opened a U.S. office. It will allow us to be closer to our North American clients and further expand our operations in this region.<br /> <br /> We&#39;re not new to the U.S. market. As you probably know, we already&nbsp;have&nbsp;hundreds of clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico. However, we&#39;ve been physically located only in Europe until now, communicating with our clients over e-mail and phone.<br /> <br /> Kentico operations in North America will be led by <b>Eric C. Webb</b>, who joins Kentico as Director of Business Development. He is responsible for key business development initiatives, provides input for future development of Kentico <a href="">CMS</a>, and maintains strategic alliance partnerships. He brings to Kentico Software over 9 year experience in Enterprise Software Sales. His previous positions have included Channel Sales Manager with Ektron, a web content management vendor; and Major Account Manager with NTP Software, a developer of storage management and reporting solutions.<br /> <br /> I wish Eric a great start with Kentico!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>
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Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.


Erik Bertrand commented on

A hearty welcome to Eric, and many thanks to Kentico for their investment in our area! We look forward to working with you.

de-Hao commented on

Congratulations Eric!

kentico_petrp commented on

To Halim: Unfortunately, we currently do not have any plans to open an office in Malaysia.

Halim Dahlan commented on

Good luck to Eric. Any plans to open one in Malaysia?