Kentico Online Marketing Videos Updated with Kentico 8


Your favorite videos are better than ever!
You’ve told us you love our Kentico Online Marketing Videos, that they help you understand what marketing automation, content personalization, and lead scoring are. But we also know that these videos used an older version of Kentico. 


We’ve got great news for you! 
Now you can watch your favorite Kentico Online Marketing Videos, complete with the companies you love like “Flying Machines Inc.,” “Bananas ‘R’ Us,” or “Nice Diced Ice,” but with updated demonstrations, so you can see the beautiful interface you’ll find when you choose Kentico 8. 

Please feel free to share them in your blog posts, on social networks, in newsletters, or during trade shows and events. 


Lead scoring


Marketing Automation


Content Personalization


Email Marketing


Contact Management


A/B Testing


Web Analytics

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Katerina Rozsnyo Pelanova

Hi, I'm the Campaign Manager at Kentico and I take care of marketing campaigns and communication in social networks. So please stay tuned to our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to get hot news about Kentico.