Kentico CMS Deliver Now! Methodology - the technology track session at the Kentico Connection

The presentation will bring insight on the Deliver Now! Methodology. You will learn how the methodology can help you maximize the potential of Kentico CMS to make your project nothing else but a great success.
Nowadays, when everyone tries to maximize results while reducing the resources allocated for the project, it is a huge advantage to have an on hand methodology that can help you follow this path.

You would probably agree that it is important to realize what the main goal you are willing to deliver
is at the beginning of each project. Getting the whole picture of what is involved in the process of
planning and delivering the project to the customer will help you stick to your primary goal- a project
fulfilling its purpose.

To ensure the success of your project, Kentico professionals developed a methodology that describes the project development cycle for Kentico CMS. Furthermore, it defines the various stages of development and points out important areas which specifically deserve your attention.

This session is oriented to Project Managers, System Architects, and Integration Specialists using Kentico CMS in their web projects.

The speaker for this session is Karol Jarkovsky, Consultant, Kentico Software.

The list of all technology track sessions is here.

Register now to attend the event for more favourable price. The Early Brid price of $650 ends on August 31. Your registration includes a free voucher for Kentico Certified Developer Exam (the retail price of this exam is $399).
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