Kentico CMS 6.0 Performance report

We have just finalized an official performance report for Kentico CMS 6.0.
Hi there,

I need to say at the start that building such a huge version as Kentico CMS 6.0 and EMS around it really was a challenge. Not only because there were so many new features, but also performance-wise.

Whenever you add new features to a product, especially something as significant as user tracking, you are fighting with your worst case scenarios where every executed line of code matters if the server is being hit by 10k RPS. I don't have any problems to admit that the final version of Kentico CMS 6.0 was about 15% below the performance of version 5.5R2, we actually expected a drop of about 20-30% based on the number of new features that effect almost every page request, and introduction of routing. Still, it didn't make sense to postpone the release anymore just for those 15%, so we spent some extra time to get the performance back to its previous values, and even better, through our hotfixes. This is also the reason why we are releasing the performance report with a delay.

This performance report was done with the latest hotfix at the time of measuring (which was during December), so if you apply the latest hotfix right now, you can be sure that you get all the improvements.

We have been able to achieve the following:
  • Even though Kentico CMS 6.0 covers more features, its performance isn't worse in any scenario than the performance of Kentico CMS 5.5 R2.
  • We have reviewed the default indexes and views for documents, and used indexed views for them, which significantly improved performance of the first load (or generally any load without caching) for larger sites.
As always and as with any other product out there, any potential bottleneck of database performance is always the newly added data and table structure, so you should still review your database and add proper indexes that will improve retrieval of particular data you display. If you need any help from us, we can provide that as a part of our consulting services. Our consultants are very experienced in this area.

Here is the performance report for v6, as always, it is also available in our documentation section:

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