Kentico CMS 5.0 Widget Overview

Widgets allow for the support of page personalization. This enhancement introduced in Kentico CMS 5, allows users to edit the structure of defined page templates. All personalization is automatically saved and depending on your role available both in CMS Desk and the live site. From a page designer’s point of view, widgets are a basic building block of page templates in the same way as web parts. As a matter of fact widgets are based on existing web parts or built by developers.
The real benefit is that users with the appropriate rights can modify widget properties, their placement on the web page, add and remove widgets from their pages. By default, when working with widgets users are divided into four basic groups:
Site developer/Administrator – Defines the placement of widget zones, default content, web properties available for personalization, and manage all available widgets
Page Editor – Defines the content of the widget zones created in the page templates by the site developer/administrator
Group Administrator – Defines the design of group pages
Web Site Users – Defines the design of their home page or another page which can be personalized on the live site.
In this video we will look at an example of how widgets are used within the sample corporate site.  
HD version available here
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Thom Robbins commented on

Yes - it's for portal development.

Joel Dahlin commented on

Are widgets only available through Portal development vs ASPX development?