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Last week, Kentico hosted the first ever 404 Conference in Las Vegas. It was a great week filled with a ton of interesting topics and sessions. Along with the presentations, attendees were shown an exciting new Kentico Cloud product that allows developers to use many of Kentico’s great content management features without installing them on their systems. As part of the announcement, we created two hands-on labs to help developers get started with these new services. In this article, I’ll provide you a description of these labs and let you know how you can get your hands on them for a test drive.

If you missed the 404 Conference last week, you might not have heard about some exciting new products from Kentico to help companies create and deliver content. Along with the release of Kentico Draft last year, Kentico Deliver and Kentico Engage were announced as part of the new cloud-based solution, Kentico Cloud. These combined services allow companies to define and manage content in the cloud, deliver that content to nearly any application in any language, and quickly track user activity within a site. It’s an extremely flexible and scalable solution that will enable developers to create applications and systems using the tools they love and populate it with content from Kentico Cloud.

You can find out more about Kentico Cloud here.

As part of the announcement, we provided a number of hands-on labs for the attendees to complete. These exercises were focused on demonstrating how to integrate with Kentico Cloud and leverage the functionality within an application. The labs contain step-by-step instructions, and all the necessary code to complete them.

Here’s a breakdown of these labs:

Kentico Cloud Lab #1 – Kentico Deliver

This lab focuses on defining and managing content within Kentico Draft. After creating a new Article content type, users populate the content by leveraging several different types of content elements. Next, they use Kentico Deliver to pull that content into an MVC application and display it on the site.

Kentico Deliver

Be sure to check out the Kentico Deliver API reference here.

Kentico Cloud Lab #2 – Kentico Engage

This lab focuses on integrating Kentico Engage, a cloud-based tracking and personalization service, into an MVC application. After adding the necessary Kentico Engage packages to the project, users will update the layout to track user activity within the site. Lastly, users will personalize the content based on the user’s recorded actions.

Kentico Engage

You can find details about the Kentico Engage API here.

Get the Labs

You can download both of these labs today using the following link. Everything you need to get started with Kentico Cloud is included, so get to it! I’d love to know what you think of the labs and the services in the comments. Good Luck!

Get the labs

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