Kentico 8 upgrade is out

On the 30th of April we released the upgrade package for Kentico 8. This blog post contains some useful information all about it… check it out!
The upgrade package for Kentico 8 contains three parts: The first part is the Upgrade package itself.

Download Upgrade Procedure

The second part is the database of the API changes from Kentico 7 to Kentico 8. This database is available on this portal.

See API Changes Database

And, last but not least, is the command line tool, which can detect Kentico 7 API calls in your code and even suggests replacements that are available in Kentico 8. It can also perform an automatic replacement for the most common changes.

Download API Changes Detection Tool

Kentico 7 support

As I informed you in my previous blog post, we are extending support for Kentico 7 in terms of hotfixes until the end of July, 2014. However, this upgrade package is only supported for Kentico instances with hotfix version 7.0.85 or previous versions. You CANNOT perform the upgrade after applying hotfix 7.0.86 or more recent versions. In this case, you need to wait for the updated upgrade, which will be released after the final hotfix version for Kentico 7.

Thanks for staying posted! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.
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Dominik Pinter

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Dominik Pinter commented on

Hi Ian,
I will be talking about upgrade more deeply on partner webinar on 23 rd.

Regarding to split database - you must merge database for the upgrade and then split it again. Take a look at upgrade instructions which are part of the upgrade package.

IanWright commented on


It'd be great to have a little bit of additional content/description on here. Maybe a quick drive-by walkthrough of going through the upgrade process? I've got a solution to upgrade at the moment and I don't know if I need to download the 'split' EMS database or not. May have a lengthy download 'just in case'.