Kentico 8.2: Upgrade Improvements

One of our goals at Kentico is to deliver the easiest upgrade procedure possible. In Kentico 8, we introduced the Code Upgrade tool to help with the API changes. In Kentico 8.1, we started to release upgrades on the same day of the release. And now, Kentico 8.2 comes with support for the contact management database in the upgrade procedure.
Some of you might not be familiar with the feature itself, so here is a quick summary:
"When using contact management on high traffic websites, the system needs to store a very large volume of data in order to keep records of all contacts, their activities and other related information. This may complicate database administration and make it difficult to perform regular backups. For these reasons, Kentico provides a way to move all tables and database objects associated with contact management to a separate database (including the currently stored data). Doing so allows easier management of the application's main database, without the need to deal with the contact data." (From
More information can be found in the documentation – please refer to the link above.

Kentico 8.2 support

 In the previous version of Kentico, you had to merge the databases together before the upgrade and then separate them again. This step is no longer true for Kentico 8.2. We now provide modified SQL scripts for this configuration. Please keep in mind that the upgrade procedure is a little different in this case. You must execute SQL scripts manually. The scripts are available in the folder where you install the upgrade procedure in the SQL\Separation folder. You have two SQL scripts there – the detault.sql script for the main database, and the separated.sql script for the contact management database. Detailed steps will be included in the upgrade instructions.

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