Kentico 8.1 upgrade


As you may already know, the next version of Kentico will be a minor version of Kentico 8.1. The following blogpost summarizes information regarding the upgrade to Kentico 8.1.

First and foremost, we have taken your feedback into account and it is for this reason that the upgrade will be out on the very same day as the Kentico 8.1 release. The official announcement of the release can be found in the following blogpost.
Secondly, our goal is to prepare a really easy upgrade path for you, so we have decided to limit the number of breaking changes to an absolute minimum. We have identified that changes in the API, in particular, can cause problems. So, we will not remove or rename public methods, for example. Instead, we will mark them as obsolete (and remove them later when we are about to release the next major version of Kentico). The details regarding how we will handle all the breaking changes can be found in this blogpost.

However, there will still be some changes, but they will all be well-documented. One of the most significant changes is the removal of support for medium trust. The details on this can be found here.

Please also be aware of the fact that after we release Kentico 8.1 we will only be releasing hotfixes for Kentico 8.1. We will no longer be releasing Kentico 7 hotfixes (of course, we will release an updated upgrade for Kentico 8). Lastly, we will also stop releasing hotfixes for Kentico 8, so in case you find a bug in this version, we will provide a fix for it in Kentico 8.1 and you will need to upgrade to this version. We believe that this should not be a problem for you since the upgrade procedure will be really painless.

Should you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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