Kentico 8.1 Release Date Announcement

In this blog post, we will be providing you with the latest information on the upcoming release of Kentico 8.1.
We would like to announce the upcoming version of our Integrated Marketing Solution, Kentico 8.1, which will be released on August 22nd. Based on the feedback we have received from our customers, we will make the upgrade procedure available on the same date.

The Kentico 8 Upgrade for hotfixes beyond 7.0.85 will be released after the Kentico 8.1 release. Consequently, we will extend Kentico 7 hotfixing beyond the original plan (end of July) until the date of the Kentico 8.1 release. After the release of Kentico 8.1, we will release hotfixes for Kentico 8.1 only.

The beta version of Kentico 8.1 will be available by the end of July. The scope of Kentico 8.1 can be found here. We plan to provide more details in upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned for more information. 
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