Kentico 8.1 Out Now!

Back in March this year we launched Kentico 8 and made several commitments regarding our product’s future. One of them was to deliver software to all of you in a much shorter time frame. In less than five months we are back with a new version. I’m happy to report that Kentico 8.1 is available effective immediately.
As we always do, we’ve listened to your feedback about having the upgrade procedure available as close to the actual release date as possible. Starting with Kentico 8.1 we will make the release and upgrade procedure available at the same time.

Kentico 8.1 is all about making a day in the life of digital marketers better and easier. With Kentico 8 we introduced the Kentico dashboard. The Kentico 8.1 dashboard brings further improvements so you can design your digital workspace around your needs. The dashboard helps overcome complexity and get directly to the applications you need. You can arrange and rearrange your dashboard tiles in the way that works best for you and personalize your Kentico experience for maximum comfort and productivity. Additionally, the Kentico dashboard now provides real-time insights by displaying current live data from within various applications of your choice (e.g. “number of running order discounts”). Understanding your website and campaign performance just became much easier.

Another area of focus was social marketing, and automated posting to social channels in particular. LinkedIn, joining Facebook & Twitter, became the latest addition to the family of supported social networks. Nevertheless, our solution goes far beyond just posting automation. Kentico 8.1 provides social insight out-of-the-box via statistics, analytics and insights.

Kentico 8.1 further strengthens our E-Commerce solution with Buy X, get Y discount capabilities. This feature allows store managers to configure their cross-selling promotions in a more sophisticated way, e.g. “Buy any 3 blouses, get the cheapest for free!”

Other areas worth mentioning are significant Online marketing performance improvements (we’ve lowered the performance footprint of Contact groups and Scoring) and SharePoint integration improvements.

And with that – it’s time to go and play. Please visit our microsite to learn and see much more. You can also download the installer here.

To learn even more and deep dive into to the product, sign up for our launch webinar.

Let us know what you think. We love talking with you.

Now we are off, already busy working on Kentico 8.2. Stay tuned!
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