Is your website Top 10 of the Month material?

Every month, Kentico celebrates the dedication and hard work that our partners and clients have put into the projects they deliver. In 2015, we will continue to publish our monthly Top 10 Site of the Month award.
So how can you nominate your project? It’s easy! Whether you are a partner who has created a project or a client who has developed a website on their own, you can send an email to providing all the details on the project you would like to nominate.
You must include any information that you believe will help us understand why your project is one of the websites that should be ranked amongst the Top 10 of the month.

Your submission should include the following (5 - 6  sentences):
a. Who is the client?
b. What were the goals for the site?
c. What were the challenges that had to be overcome in the project?
d. What version of Kentico was the project built on?
e. What, if any, measurable data did the site achieve since its launch (i.e. increase in traffic, sales, online bookings or donations, etc.)?
f. Were any particular Kentico features used that may be considered unique (i.e. e-commerce, social, mobile/responsive, multi-lingual, etc.)?

Our Partners submit their projects via the Partner Portal (Partner points > "Add new website" button in "Reference websites that use Kentico" section) on a daily basis. Clients who develop projects on their own accord can send us an email to so that we can add them to our website.

At the beginning of each month, our team evaluates every website that has been submitted. The submissions are available in our Customer Projects section at
The Top 10 projects are featured in our monthly newsletters, and will be promoted in the Top 10 of the Month blog post via social media. The winning pages will receive Site of the Month badges to unify our new logos and design as seen below.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great opportunity and nominate your hard work! All you have to do is send us an email with the details listed above to
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Pavlína Mahovská

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