Introducing the Kentico Connection session - CMS Trends

Let us introduce you the first of the business track session - CMS Trends in more detail. This session will give you an overview of CMS market and its trends.
Web Experience Management (WEM) is one of the newest buzzwords in the WCM field.  
Traditional Web Content Management is shifting to more marketing oriented platforms. As customers become the focal point instead of content, a new holistic approach is required to achieve the best customer experience on your website. The kind of experience that will build a closer connection with your visitors and allow you to convert more of them to clients. You will see what trends we find important and how Kentico plans to tackle them.

The speaker for this session is Petr Palas, Founder and CEO of Kentico Software.

The list of all business track sessions is here.

Register now to attend the event for more favourable price. The Early Brid price of $650 ends on August 31. Your registration includes a free voucher for Kentico Certified Developer Exam (the retail price of this exam is $399).
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