Improving your search results with the Google Search Console integration


Have you ever wondered if that newly published article is available on Google Search? Or why some users are reporting issues when viewing your site on mobile devices? We all know that Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for increasing your site’s visibility and usability, and now you can view it directly within Xperience!


Google Search Console is a tool used by developers to ensure that the pages of their website appear within Google’s search results. It also offers rich analysis of the page’s mobile usability, AMP status, and contents. However, accessing Google Search Console requires elevated permissions and is generally reserved for a small number of users. If an Xperience editor wants to check whether a new page is indexed by Google, they generally need to contact someone else and wait for a response.

With this new integration, you can put the power of Google Search Console in your Xperience users’ hands! When you install this integration, you will find a new application in Xperience that is accessible to any users you wish. The application provides detailed information about the indexed status and usability issues of all pages in the Xperience content tree.

At a quick glance, you will see the entire content tree and icons indicating whether the pages are indexed in Google Search Console. Selecting a page will give you detailed information about any issues on that page, and also an exportable report of the status for an entire content tree section! With this information easily visible to all users, you can quickly identify issues with the site’s design or configuration and contact the appropriate colleague to resolve the issues.

And that’s not all! Once you’ve resolved any issues present on your pages, you’ll want to ensure that Google re-indexes your pages so that they appear in search results with the correct information. Now, you can easily request re-indexing of multiple pages at a time, directly from Xperience! From identifying issues, resolving them, and updating Google, this integration has your whole team covered.

If you’d like to learn more about the integration and get started, please check out our GitHub repository. Feel free to submit a new GitHub issue if you discover any questions, feedback, ideas, or bugs while using the integration!

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