Improved email performance and more robust functionality with SendGrid API


Wish there was a better way to send Xperience emails than an old-fashioned SMTP server? Using the SendGrid Web API, you can now send all Xperience emails faster than traditional SMTP servers, and make use of the many features SendGrid has to offer!

Here at Kentico, we’ve always tried to make email sending easily configurable and efficient. However, it’s a simple fact that using an SMTP requires back-and-forth communication between servers and when you’re sending thousands of emails per day, this delay in processing really adds up! To improve your email sending experience, this new integration with SendGrid’s Web API offers better performance than SMTP servers, includes some great tools out-of-the-box, and is highly customizable!

The great news is that the Web API is available on any SendGrid plan, even the Free Plan, so you can sign up and start using the new integration right away! After a simple one-time setup, all Xperience emails in the Email queue application will be dispatched to SendGrid, and you can use their robust tools to monitor email activity, bounces, clicks and opens, and much more. The entire email sending process and configuration can easily be customized to meet your specific needs, such as using different settings or disabling SendGrid for specific sites in a multi-tenant environment!

The Xperience integration also includes a new endpoint which can catch SendGrid’s event webhooks whenever email activity occurs. Your developers can handle these events using standard Xperience event handlers to implement any kind of functionality you’d like. For example, if a recipient marks an email as spam you could send a Teams message to a certain user, or log the event to Xperience’s Event log.

You'll also find a handy new interface found within the Email marketing application. This new tab allows your marketers to easily view in one simple grid which subscribers have had previous emails bounce in SendGrid and are therefore suppressed. You can also view the number of Xperience bounces for the subscribers to see if they’ve reached the limit and are suppressed. Not only can you view these bounces, but you can remove both SendGrid and Xperience bounces directly from the Email marketing application, ensuring that your subscribers receive your emails!

If you’d like to learn more about the integration and get started, please check out our GitHub repository. Feel free to submit a new GitHub issue if you discover any questions, feedback, ideas, or bugs while using the integration!

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