Improve Your Email Delivery with SendLabs SmartMTA from Dyn Inc.

Do you send lots of emails from your website? You might be surprised how many of them are never delivered because they are blocked or because the email address no longer exists. SendLabs SmartMTA from Dyn Inc. will help you and it works smoothly with Kentico CMS.

Many of our clients use the built-in Newsletter module to send high volume of emails to their subscribers. If you're one of them, you should consider using SmartMTA instead of your own SMTP server. SmartMTA provides a global email delivery infrastructure that will increase the delivery rate for your emails.

The SmartMTA service is designed to meet the needs of email senders who require intelligent and reliable email delivery, as well as insight into the successful delivery of high volume messaging. So whether you're sending a single message or millions at a time, SmartMTA's got you covered.
SmartMTA is designed to pick up mail and intelligently queue and deliver each message to your recipients. Think of it as a first-class postage for inbox delivery for your messages including receipts, confirmations, autoresponders, notifications and more.

How It Works

SmartMTA integrates seamlessly with Kentico CMS – all you need to do is to configure the SMTP Server settings in Kentico CMS Site Manager and define the list of senders through the SmartMTA web interface.

You can also use the sample code in this KB article to automatically unsubscribe email addresses from the newsletter if the email bounces.

When you send the emails through SmartMTA, you can track how many emails were sent and how many of them bounced:


If you want to learn more about SendLabs SmartMTA from Dyn Inc., please visit the Dyn Inc. website.
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