How to use integrated Google site map feature

This article describes how to use integrated Google site map feature.
You can find GoogleSiteMap.aspx page in ~\CMSPages folder (it's new in Kentico CMS version 4.0). This page automatically generates the XML site map for current site (in according to current domain name). You can specify some file name with .xml extension (e.g. googlesitemap.xml) into 'Site Manager -> Settings -> select 'global' in dropdown list -> URLs -> Google sitemap URL' field so the requests to this .xml file will be redirected to GoogleSiteMap.aspx control. You will also need to set up Kentico CMS 404 handler up to step 8 (you don't need to perform step 9 in this case) for the request to xml file to be handled by Kentico CMS 404 handler that ensures appropriate redirection.

By default the integrated site map generator lists only document type “Page (menu) item”. If you want to list other document types, you need to specify the Class names property to GoogleSiteMap.aspx   file and add all document types (including “Page (menu) item”) separated by semicolon, for example:
<cms:GoogleSitemap run at="server" ID="googleSitemap" ClassNames= TransformationName="CMS.Root.GoogleSiteMap" CacheMinutes="0" OrderBy="NodeLevel, NodeOrder, NodeName" MaxRelativeLevel="-1" ClassNames="CMS.MenuItem;CMS.News;Custom.Type" />

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 4.x and later
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