Happy New Year - Kentico 8.2 is here!

It gives us great pleasure to start the year with a product announcement. I’m happy to communicate that Kentico 8.2, including the upgrade procedure, is available effective immediately.
Since the launch of the previous version in August, 2014, we worked hard on several topics. Let me name a few to give you a taste of what Kentico 8.2 is all about.
First off, we’ve put significant effort into our new demo environment. The reason for this is twofold – first, we wanted to make sure that the evaluation process is as smooth as possible for our potential customers and, second, we wanted to make sure that our existing partners can demo Kentico’s latest and greatest in a convenient, stable and consistent fashion anytime, anyplace and of course, on any device. And this is just the beginning – expect more with our future releases.
Another important topic to communicate is the Kentico Improvement Program. In a nutshell, our customers can send anonymous data about the tools they use in the system. Why have we decided to launch this program? It’s simple – we want to get an even better understanding of how our customers and partners work with the system and use this knowledge as input for making smart product decisions. Privacy is of the utmost importance here, therefore joining the program is optional.
There are several E-commerce improvements that have been made as well. Major effort went into shipping calculations, an area where the market needs widely differ depending on the country, type of business, specific order etc. Our solution – developers can now make shipping customization a standalone module (for both online and offline shipping). These modules can be easily reused for other projects.
The Online Marketing team particularly focused on making the life of content editors and digital marketers easier through email marketing  usability improvements (farewell Newsletters!). On top of that, it’s now possible to import contacts from a CSV file with ease.
Last but not least, Kentico 8.2 brings bi-directional synchronization for files between the SharePoint server and Kentico instances.
Check our microsite dedicated to Kentico 8.2 and our blogpost series on DevNet to learn much more about Kentico’s newest release. Go here to download the Kentico 8.2 installer.
With that, have a great start to 2015 – we have plenty of fantastic things in the pipeline for this year. Stay tuned and stay in touch. You can reach us at productmanagement@kentico.com. Your feedback is always welcome!
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