Guide to Web Testing Using Kentico CMS 7

If you've ever wondered why your digital marketing efforts haven't panned out, the fault may be in your lack of testing. Successful digital marketers live and die by the meticulous testing and tweaking of every aspect of their digital campaigns, until they find the combination of words, backlinks, media, and tone that draws the biggest returns. If you treat every marketing campaign as an experiment, you may find the success you've been missing. There are two basic forms of testing used in digital marketing analysis, and both have something to offer any individual or company looking for the best way to sell their products or services.
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Thomas Robbins

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No problem - within ISSUU you can get the embed code by selecting one of your publications. This is simply placed into the editor.

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Hi Thom,

Just a simple question, how do you integrate ISSUU flipbook in kentico? Could you tell me how to do this? Thanks