Getting started with Personalization

Like anything with modern marketing, personalization means you focus on understanding your customer intent through engagement. This also includes focusing on context and letting context help to drive relevance for visitors. Here are several things to keep in mind as you develop your personalization strategy.
  • Make sense of your customer data first. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand your customer. Let marketing technology assist with personalization.
  • Create interactions that capitalize on what is known about customers through data. Target segments with relevant content, and learn from wins and losses for a more engaged customer.
  • Demand a customer centric approach to marketing. Think customer first and not channel first. Ignore the buzz about multichannel and first focus on your customer.
  • Think long term. Single transactions don’t build sustainable business, loyalty does. True personalization puts the customer in its lens and allows marketers to present relevant offers and messages that develop a relationship throughout the customer lifecycle
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.