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Kentico 10 was just released, and that always means one thing—new documentation is out! Yes, we did it again. But what is the biggest news in this year's release?

Kentico brought its Christmas gift a little early with the extended Continuous Integration and the extended online marketing features. We, Technical Writers (AKA The Documentation Folks), also wanted to bring more to the table. We were wondering, “What can we do?” After discussing this question while thinking outside the box and brainstorming the hell out of it, well, we didn't come with extensions. But...

The Design Change

We finally got rid of the year 2000, and we're crossing the 2016 finish line while carrying a brand new design on our backs. The documentation now comes not only with helpful and likable content, but also with an appearance that pleases the eye.

Unlike the old design, the documentation is now responsive. Therefore, you can browse through it using your cell phone or tablet.

We plan to make further improvements of the design, so if you send us feedback (more about that later), we will deeply review it and try to fulfill your wishes. Just visit our documentation at

Something for the New Guys

Onboarding is never easy. You know that, we know that, even the guy on a cow over there knows that.


Kentico has always had a tutorial for new developers prepared, but for Kentico 10 and likewise for Kentico 9, we reviewed the tutorial and created a newer, shorter version that covers the basics of creating a website. You can check it out right here.

Kentico as a Customization Platform

We have also focused our efforts on improving our guidelines for customization. Some of these improvements are likewise in the documentation for Kentico 9. I'd like to highlight the following:

Marketer or Developer

If there's a feature that multiple types of people use, it's definitely online marketing. Developers, administrators, marketers. Yes, in some cases, they are all just one person. Like in Joshua's company, and then he just does weird things.


But if you are not in Joshua's company, then it's not just about one person doing all the work. And these people want different information. Marketers don't need to know developer information. Developers don't need marketer information. They have neither the time nor desire to read text intended for someone else.

Up to Kentico 9, online marketing features had a combined documentation. One documentation page was for developers while the one just next to it was for marketers. This changes with Kentico 10, where it's separated—check out scenarios for marketers separated from scenarios for developers. And if you're not sure which scenario is yours, don't worry. The search still goes through all scenarios in the documentation.

Pumped Up MVC Documentation

As Kentico 10 also brings wider support for MVC architecture, Kentico documentation now describes all these scenarios. Online marketing, e-commerce, forms, extended smart search and much more. So why don't you check it out right now here.

When Your Voice Can Be Heard

Now, this is not news. But when we spoke to you, dear DevNet readers, many of you still didn't know. And we don't like that.

So right here today, we'd like to officially tell you that we want to hear about your opinions. Therefore, on every documentation page with some content, there is a feedback form. When you're finished with the article, just click Send us feedback at the bottom of the page and tell us if you found out what you wanted.

Besides that, we also want to know your opinion about our documentation in general. That's why, please, fill in an overall feedback form below this article. Sincere thanks to everyone who does! And just so you know, filling feedback forms is cool now.

Who Wants To Upgrade?

That's all for today. And I know you're all waiting for one thing—How can I upgrade to Kentico 10? Well, of course, you can find out as always in our documentation.

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