Do you speak digital marketing with Kentico CMS 7?

Thanks to everyone that attended the fantastic J Boye Group after Kentico Connections. As requested you can find my slides below
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Thom commented on

Thanks and glad that you liked it! While this covers all both CMS and EMS. The majority of these features are EMS like marketing automation, A?b Testing etc.

Tom Hughes commented on

Good presentation. I particularly like and agree with The idea that the first step in a successful strategy is to understand the customer's journey. I also like the ROI stats from Forrester on "Mature Multichannel Marketers". The idea of "short term gains towards long term vision" is extremely important too.

One question. Are all of the "What Kentico CMS 7 offers" included in the base software or in the EMS version?