Debugging .NET applications with WinDbg

This time nothing from my head, but just a link to a great web site about debugging I found recently.
Hi again,

I've had a chance to visit this great web site not only about using WinDbg application, but also with very useful information on solving specific issues like memory leaks, hangs, and other things. I have personally went only through the .NET Debugging Labs (so far), but the entire web site seems full of useful information.

Here is the link to the Debugging labs:

Why I am posting this? Basically, because I want you to know everything we know, so you can effectively solve your client's issues, or maybe just being able to give us a process dump in case something goes wrong and you cannot find the root of your issue.

Just FYI, from now on, we are using this side by side with the ANTS Profiler (we used so far for the optimization) to get the best performance ever out of Kentico CMS. The great power of the WinDbg is not only to find the problems and why the application crashes, but also to identify the weak parts of the solution if you use it the right way and focus on right things.

All the credit goes to Tess Ferrandez, she is really great in what she does. My personal thanks definitely belong to her.
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