Congratulations to our first certified Kentico CMS Trainers

Congratulations to our first class of Kentico CMS Certified Trainers!
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Stephen Jester commented on

Thanks Kentico for allowing your partners to be active participants in your training initiatives. I look forward to hosting our first Regional Training event and showing off my new skills as a Certified Kentico CMS Trainer.

Troy Fulton commented on

I'm very excited to be a certified Kentico Trainer. Kentico is setting a new standard in product excellence. They truly value their users which gets manifested in features popping up that we requested. Great Job Trainers! Great Job Kentico!

John Bubriski commented on

That is me on the far left! I really enjoyed the training and learned a lot about how to deliver the material. I can't wait to get training customers!