Cloud Computing – The IT Solution for the 21st Century [Infogrpahic]

Cloud computing is having a tremendous impact on the IT industry. I suspect many people reading this post are already cloud based technologies  in their personal and professional lives. This infpographic by Multy Shades is using the term fifth generation of the computing industry. Cloud computing is clearly establishing itself as the next biggest leap in the transformation of the usage of computers at the work place.
Cloud computing in simple words is the sharing of computer resources like hardware and software using a browser or an end user application to reduce capital and maintenance costs. It is offered as a service to the user’s ensuring security, restricted access and customization.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing called out in the infographic and ones that I have seen:
  • Reduce capital cost
  • Enhance redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Improve overall flexibility and scalability
  • Reduced operating expenses
Overall a really informative Cloud infographic!

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