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Code PaLOUAsa 2015 will be taking place 4/27- 4/30 in Louisville, KY. A multi-day conference focusing on software development, CP2015 is going to be a great event with over 600 attendees and a ton of great info.  Whether it’s ASP.NET, Cloud, Angular, or Agile, there are some great sessions lined up that you don’t want to miss!

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Session Details
This year I will be presenting alongside Kentico MVP
Brian McKeiver. You see, Brian thinks he knows everything about Amazon and how it’s the best cloud platform. Azure and I go way back and I definitely have a few words to say about which architecture is king. In our session we’ll be breaking down the differences between the two and debating which one is the best for hosting you CMS. It should be a great, interactive session with a lot of information (along with a few jabs and uppercuts if things go south).  

You can check out our session details here.

You can read Brian’s blog about the session here (where he thinks he’s cool by saying he will win).

Where / When
Code PaLOUsa 2105
4/27/2015 - 4/30-2015
Louisville, KY
Kentucky International Convention Center

Kentico and Bizstream are all about educating the community and love sponsoring great events like this (and we're not above bribery). If you are planning to attend this year's conferece we’d love to chat with you. We will be manning the 502 booth, as well as our session. Swing by and say Hi and we just might have a surprise or two for you. 

Hope to see you there!

Bonus Round!
If you are the first to comment on this article letting me know you’re planning on attending you get a 10% discount code for the conference! 

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Bryan Soltis

Hello. I am a Technical Evangelist here at Kentico and will be helping the technical community by providing guidance and best practices for all areas of the product. I might also do some karaoke. We'll see how the night goes...


Bryan Soltis commented on

Thanks, Chad! Are you planning on going? If so, email me at for a 10% discount code on registration!

Chad G commented on

Looking forward to your session.