Changes in Licensing from July 1, 2012

We are finishing Kentico CMS 7 that represents another major release and brings significant enhancements to both Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS. While preparing the new version, we also introduce several changes in licensing that reflect the recent product and market development and that will take effect on July 1, 2012.

Changes in Pricing

Starting from July 1, 2012, we are changing the prices of our server licenses (changes are marked green). The website license price remains same.

Kentico CMS 7 New pricing

Changes in Upgrades

Starting from July 1, 2012 we’re introducing a scaling series of credits for clients that would like to upgrade to a higher edition or to a larger license. For example a client that has just purchased in the last two months will receive a 100% credit equal to the value of their purchase towards the new license that they are upgrading to. A client in the first 12 months will receive 75% of the value of their license as a credit, after 12 months they will receive a 50% credit, and after 4 years a 25% credit towards a new purchase. Please note that the client needs to have valid maintenance for their license.

Below, you can find an example of customer who purchases Kentico CMS 1 Website Base License on June 1, 2012:

Upgrade timeline

The customer later decides to upgrade to Kentico CMS 1 Website Ultimate License. Depending on the time when she decides to upgrade, she will pay the following amount for the upgrade:

Date Credit Upgrade Price
1 month after purchase 100% x $1,999 = $1,999 $4,499 - $1,999 = $2,500
6 months after purchase 75% x $1,999 = $1,499.25 $4,499 - $1,499.25 = $2,999.75
2 years after purchase 50% x $1,999 = $999.50 $4,499 - $999.50 = $3,499.50
5 years after purchase 25% x $1,999 = $499.75 $4,499 - $499.75 = $3,995.25

Changes in Maintenance

Starting from July 1, 2012, we will change the rules for renewal of expired maintenance. The customers will receive a notification of expiration 2 months ahead, 1 month ahead and at the time of expiration. Then, they will have 30 days to renew their maintenance. After then, the maintenance renewal will cost 50% more.


Ending Kentico EMS Upgrade Offer

On July 1, 2012, we will end the special upgrade offer (20% discount) for clients who purchased Kentico CMS before v6 release.

Kentico CMS 7 Feature Matrix

Kentico CMS 7 will introduce several new features (see the roadmap). The table below shows how these new features are distributed between editions:

Kentico CMS 7 New Features and Editions

Also, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing and Campaign and Conversion Management will now only be available in Kentico EMS. This change will NOT affect customers who purchase Kentico CMS before version 7 release – they will keep these features even when they upgrade to version 7.

As you can see, we’re introducing new features and enhancements to all editions.

Other Changes

There are some other changes that are related to partners only. If you're a Kentico Solution Partner, please log on to the Partner Portal to read the announcement for partners:


Q: Does the new upgrade policy mean I have to pay extra for upgrading from version 6 to version 7?
A: No, upgrades to new versions, such as from v6 to v7, will still require only an active maintenance at the time of new version release.

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