Business Boost with Kentico CMS - Success Story of Get Started

Boosting your business is not just about making the right decisions at the right time, but engaging in win-win relationships with partners you can trust and who help you to grow. Read more about how Australian Web agency, Get Started, shifted business gear with Kentico CMS.

Choosing the Right Solution

After some attempts at creating their own CMS’s, and a brief spell using Sitefinity, which they found to be much more of a simple framework than a complete solution, Get Started commenced their search for a full-featured, content management system.

The company chose Kentico CMS and hasn’t looked back. In just 3 years, they have deployed over 150 projects, meaning they have produced 1 Kentico-built website every week!
Marty Drill, CEO of Get Started, remembers that first they had to get used to the slightly different way of working  with document types. “Originally, I personally felt that they were a little bit strange, and now, over the last 3 of 4 years we've been using Kentico, it's drastically shifted my opinion in the way structured content can happen.”

Trust in the Product and the Team

Nowadays, Get Started uses Kentico CMS for all of their Web projects which span a wide range of industry sectors –law, tourism, real estate, healthcare, not-for-profit and governmental Web projects.
“For a company with 26 staff, (12 or 13 developers), to solely focus on Kentico shows our commitment to the product, and that's probably the best thing that I can say about the product” claims Marty Drill.


He also praises the technical support and the fact that his own Kentico experience and expertise helps improve the product too. “We are highly focused on making Kentico better; we provide feedback, we participate in anything possible… The support we received … has given us the sense that we're more than a vendor and a customer ... more like a team, in fact, our approach moving forward is that we want to be involved in anything Kentico.”

Money (also) Matters

Since choosing Kentico as their preferred content management system, client satisfaction has increased, development time has reduced and Get Started’s revenue has doubled, as they find new ways to expand and monetize activities through the partnership program.
“Everything we do now is in Kentico, our sales keep going through the roof, we get sales from the partner program, we get leads and opportunities all of the time. We're a Kentico certified trainer, so the training that we provide both in person and online also provides us with revenue,” says Marty Drill, “30-40% of our leads and 30-40% of our revenue comes solely from the Kentico Partner program.”
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