Better marketing made simpler with the new Dynamics 365 integration


A new integration for Xperience 13 makes it easier for marketers and salespersons to track new leads and their activities in Dynamics 365! This easily configurable and customizable integration provides two-way synchronization of contacts between the products, as well as their Xperience activities. With all the important information in one location, your team can work more efficiently with your contacts!

You may already know about our Salesforce integration which synchronizes Xperience contacts to Salesforce. However, if your team is working primarily in Dynamics 365 Sales, they may have been left a little out-of-the-loop in the past. For example, you may have relied on email notifications when new contacts filled out forms on your site, or downloaded whitepapers. Not anymore!

With this integration, you can configure contact scoring in your Xperience site to identify new leads, which will automatically be sent to Dynamics 365 for your sales or marketing team members to follow up with. You can also make use of the out-of-the-box Marketing automation actions to create Dynamics 365 tasks and appointments for your team automatically when some specific action occurs, such as submitting a form!

Not only are contacts synchronized between both products, but their Xperience activities are also synchronized to Dynamics 365! This highly-customizable process can work with the default Xperience activities as well as any custom activities your developers have created. Once your Xperience activities have been synchronized to Dynamics 365, your team will have a much easier time identifying what actions your leads took on your website, as they will all be listed directly in their Dynamics 365 profile!

With Microsoft’s Power Automate, it’s possible to set up even more integration when Xperience contacts or activities are synchronized to Dynamics 365. You can post a message to a Teams channel when a form is submitted, send multiple emails, or even send the data to another CRM or service like Zapier!

If you’d like to learn more about the integration and get started, please check out our GitHub repository. Feel free to submit a new GitHub issue if you discover any questions, feedback, ideas, or bugs while using the integration!

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