Are you ready to learn about Marketing Automation?

Version 7 introduced some amazing new features. In my personal opinion one of the most powerful is Marketing Automation. Marketing automation is used to manage automatic targeting, timing and content of your outbound marketing messages in response to the behavior and actions of site visitors. For marketers this drastically simplifies the planning and delivering of marketing messages to specific segments.
The most common examples for using marketing automation are lead nurturing and drip marketing campaign types. The most important question is - How can I use it within Kentico EMS?  That’s a great question and one that I thought I could help to answer. What better way to do that than to actually have you sign up for a marketing automation to learn about building a marketing automation!

It’s that simple! Complete the form below with your name and email and you’ll receive four emails that show the basics of how the marketing automation you are receiving was built.

Here’s a brief introduction to the course:
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Thomas Robbins

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