Are you engaging the fence sitters in your marketing?

The Free Dictionary defines a fence sitter as a person who won’t take side in a controversy. In marketing, fence sitters are often overlooked part of a marketing strategy and something that everyone should be concerned.
Let’s do a simple exercise –

First take a few minutes to consider the perceptions of your target market about your product or service. Then group your target audience into Positive, Neutral and Negatives as shown in the following table:

Positive (Supporters)
Lovers of your brand and supporters
Probably already participate
Percentage of audience:
Fence Sitters
Neutral feelings about your product or service.
Percentage of audience:
Negative (Detractors)
Not your fans
Have a strong negative perception of belief in your product
Percentage of audience:
Next, pull out your marketing activities spreadsheet and take a look at how much you are spending on each audience.

Positives – The audience already loves you! They are probably out promoting your product right now. I am not saying to completely kill any marketing spend on this audience. But are you spending too much?

Negatives – The audience already has string negative emotions towards you. Changing their perceptions is important but how much of your marketing spend is it really worth?

Fence sitters – The audience has no feelings either way.  They are definitely an open book and make a great marketing target.
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