API Example Changes in Version 9


The Kentico API Examples have grown to be an essential tool for developers. These code samples demonstrate basic and advanced tasks that can be accomplished with the API, and provide helpful examples of how to integrate with Kentico. In previous versions, these samples have been an optional module to install during the setup of a site. With Version 9, we are planning some changes to help you access these samples and make them easier to maintain.

Since Version 6, we have included a number of code samples within the application that developers can leverage when writing their custom code. These examples are categorized by each area of the product and offer a ton of information for developers to leverage.  Over the years, this ability has become one of our most popular features of the system, and we want to make it even better!

In an effort to make the examples more accessible, we will be moving these samples to our online-based documentation in Kentico 9.  This move will have a number of benefits to developers and administrators.

These benefits are:

  • Better accessibility of the API examples (no need to have a running Kentico instance).

With this change, developers can access the code at any time, rather than needing to stand up an instance with the module included.

  • Integration into our main documentation including searchability.

Because the examples will be a part of our online documentation, developers will be able to search for a specific code sample easily.

  • Easier viewing of the code than in the older version of Kentico (where buttons took up more space than the code).

The online-based examples will allow you to view the code more efficiently by displaying the full code samples as content.

  • A reduction in the number of controls and pages in the Kentico project.

By removing these examples from the installation, we are reducing the total number of files deployed when a site is created. This will result in faster compilations and a reduced code footprint on the server.

  • An easier process for creating new examples.

Because these samples will be hosted in a central, online location, our developers will be able to develop and publish new examples much faster. These examples will then be immediately viewable by developers without having to perform a new installation/hotfix.

With Version 9, we are focused on improving the stability of the platform and enhancing its extendibility. Extracting the API Examples will result in a better product while providing greater access to developers who want to utilize this feature. Additionally, removing these examples from the product will improve overall site performance while providing our developers a faster way to publish new functionality.

With the release of Version 9, we will publish the links to access these samples, along with the updated documentation. Keep an eye out for more announcements of other great developer-focused enhancements coming Version 9.

As always, good luck!

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Bryan Soltis

Hello. I am a Technical Evangelist here at Kentico and will be helping the technical community by providing guidance and best practices for all areas of the product. I might also do some karaoke. We'll see how the night goes...


Shannon Dunn commented on

You can never have enough examples of how to best use an API especially at 3AM when you are hunting down code. ;)

Bryan Soltis commented on

Hey David, Glad you're excited about the upcoming change! I know it will save me time when i need to see a demo without having to make a demo site with them installed.

D. te Kloese - Evident commented on

The samples have always been a great help! Will be easier to refer to now for new devs!