Announcing the new ebook - Managing Documents using the Kentico CMS 5 API

I am pleased to announce that this eBook on using the Kentico CMS 5 API to manage documents is available as a free PDF download from here

Content administrators are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage site visitors. For developers this often leads to requests for customization. It goes without saying that for web sites the heart of any Content Management System (CMS) is managing content. Within Kentico CMS documents are the building blocks of web content. They contain the data, format and structure processed by the Kentico application and presented to the site visitors. When programmatic customization is needed the Kentico API provides an extensible framework for documents. In this eBook we will look at how this is done.

Download from here


I wanted to thank the following reviewers for their invaluable help:
Jakub Oczko, Kentico CMS
Martin Hejmanek, Kentico CMS
Juraj Ondrus, Kentico CMS

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