Announcing the Kentico Certified Developer Exam

Wow – there is a lot of things happening here at Kentico - the release of Kentico CMS 5.5 and Content Administrator and Developer Training to name a few. Today, I am pleased to announce the release of the Kentico Certified Developer Exam. In this blog post I wanted to provide an overview of the certification exam and provide some details around the program.
Candidate Profile
The candidate works in a development environment that uses Kentico CMS 5 and the .NET Framework to create and deliver dynamic web application. The candidate should have at least one year of experience developing application using Kentico CMS, or attended a certified Kentico CMS 5 Developer training.
In addition, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the following
·         A solid understanding of the .NET Framework and ASP.NET development
·         Experience in creating data driven web user interfaces
·         Experience in creating layouts using Cascading Style Sheets
·         Experience with setup and deployment of a web site
About this exam
Exam questions subject to change
·         All exams are delivered online
·         This exam is fifty (50) questions designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in fundamentals and best practices for building, deploying and maintaining a web site with Kentico CMS 5 to deliver dynamic web site content
·         Questions that contain code will be presented in C#
·         The exam is a combination of multiple choice, multiple response and true false questions
·         Once you start the exam you are given one hour to complete it. You must complete the exam during that time
·         A minimum score of 80% is required to become a Kentico Certified Developer
Skills Being Measured
The exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.
·         Describe the key features of Kentico CMS 5
·         Describe the architecture of Kentico CMS 5
·         Setup a Kentico CMS Development Environment
·         Navigate the CMS DESK and Site Manager to perform common administration functions
·         Describe document types and how they are used within Kentico CMS
·         Create custom document types
·         Describe the process used for developing a Kentico CMS site.
·         Understand page development options using Kentico CMS
·         Create page templates using both the Portal Engine and ASPX templates
·         Create and manage CSS Style sheets using Kentico CMS
·         Create and implement Web Parts
·         Describe the common Kentico CMS Web Parts
·         Create complex transformations
·         Access and manipulate data stored with the Kentico CMS content repository.
·         Secure the Kentico CMS Web site using variety of technologies, including authentication and membership
·         Implement and manage workflow and versioning using Kentico CMS
·         Setup and implement a multi-lingual sites
·         Add additional functionality using the Kentico API
·         Describe additional functionality using Kentico CMS extensibility
·         View runtime and caching information using the built in Kentico CMS functionality
·         Deploy a Kentico CMS website.
Certification Benefits
Kentico Certified Logo
Gain access to the Kentico Certified logo to draw attention to your experience and mastery. Add the logo to your business cards, email signatures and resume.
Kentico Certified Online Badge
Gain access to an online badge within the Kentico forums that draws attention to your experience
Kentico Certificate
Get proof of your qualification as a Kentico CMS Expert
Are you certifiable?
More information on pricing and getting your exam voucher can be found here
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Glen Deathridge commented on

I've just passed the exam and I can agree with Michiel that it wasn't easy, the hour passed really really quickly.

Michiel commented on

Happy to say I passed the exam, it wasn't easy and I can advice anyone taking the exam to take their time and concetrate on each question (and keep their eyes on the clock).

It's cool that you get an actual personalized certificate and badge for on yoiur personal website or blog.