Annoucing Kentico CMS 7 Support for Visual Studio 2013

On October 17 Microsoft released its new version of Visual Studio. Kentico has been actively involved in the beta process with Microsoft. It’s my pleasure to officially announce the  support of Kentico CMS 7 with Visual Studio 2013. In this blog post we will take a look at few highlights of Visual Studio as well as on how you can use it with Kentico CMS.
Visual Studio 2013 comes together with release of Team Foundation Server 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5.1. Here is the link where you can download Visual Studio in order to try it by yourself:

Here is the formal announcement by Microsoft:

Microsoft again improved a lot of things to Visual Studio. My personal three most favorite improvements are:
  • Peek Definition – alternative to go to definition where instead of going to the different code file you can see the given code in inline view.
  • Synchronization of settings across multiple devices – the settings are synchronized via your Microsoft account (former Live ID) and you can synchronize things such as shortcuts or colors and fonts.
  • Project template for Web API – When you want to create new ASP.NET project you can start using a Web API template.

If you want to learn more about these new features of Visual Studio 2013 go to this link:

Now, when you are ready to start using Visual Studio 2013 with Kentico CMS 7 there is nothing special to do. Simply Install Kentico CMS for .NET Framework 4.5:


Then, open Visual Studio 2013 and select your Kentico CMS solution file. There are no additional steps needed, and you can start to build another great Kentico web application.
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Dominik Pinter

I'm a fan of cloud computing (primarily Windows Azure) and I really like to dig into web application security. My blog is focused on everything related to Kentico, .NET Framework, Cloud platforms and web application security.


mosgath commented on

I did run into one minor issue with opening the 4.0 web site project up in VS 2013 while keeping it targeting the 4.0 framework. I had to disable the Page Inspector in the web.config. This is a known issue with VS and was reported to Microsoft here for other .Net projects:

The workaround allowed me to run the project without issue.

Dominik Pinter commented on

Hi Michael,
currently we are not aware of any issues related to the .NET version 4.5.1

Michael Patti commented on

Does this version of .net 4.5.1 have any known impact on Kentico sites that are currently targeted to the 4.5 framework?

kentico_dominikp commented on

Hi Shannon,
I think that best way would be to install Kentico with .NET 4.5 and manually copy all the code changes to the new project.

Shannon Dunn commented on

You mention how that you can select the new .NET version but how do you migrate an existing 3.5 site to 4.5.1 of .NET?

Dominik Pinter commented on

this is not planned at this moment. However, if you really want this to be implemented, please add your suggestion to our uservoice:

msmith-simplyzesty commented on

Will you be adding the Kentico templates to vs2013?