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TextCompareOperatorEnum Enumeration
Specifies possible operators for comparing text (used mostly in CMSFormControls/Filters/TextFilter control).

Namespace: CMS.UIControls
Assembly: CMS.UIControls (in CMS.UIControls.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum TextCompareOperatorEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
Like0 Like/Contains
NotLike1 Not like/Doesn't contain
Equals2 Equals/=
NotEquals3 Does not equal/!=
StartsWith4 Starts with
NotStartsWith5 Doesn't start with
EndsWith6 Ends with
NotEndsWith7 Does not end with
Empty8 Is empty
NotEmpty9 Is not empty
LessThan10 Is less than
GreaterThan11 Is greater than
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