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ListingTypeEnum Enumeration
Type of documents to show in my desk.

Namespace: CMS.UIControls
Assembly: CMS.UIControls (in CMS.UIControls.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum ListingTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
MyDocuments0 My documents.
RecentDocuments1 Recent documents.
PendingDocuments2 Pending changes (waiting for approval).
CheckedOut3 Checked out documents.
OutdatedDocuments4 Outdated documents.
RecycleBin5 Recycle bin.
WorkflowDocuments6 Workflow documents.
PageTemplateDocuments7 Page template documents.
CategoryDocuments8 Category documents.
DocTypeDocuments9 Document type documents.
TagDocuments10 Tag documents.
ProductDocuments11 Product documents.
All12 All at once.
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