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FieldEditorModeEnum Enumeration
Field editor data mode.

Namespace: CMS.UIControls
Assembly: CMS.UIControls (in CMS.UIControls.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum FieldEditorModeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
ClassFormDefinition1 Class form definition.
WebPartProperties2 Webpart properties.
SystemTable3 System table.
BizFormDefinition4 BizForm definition.
General5 General mode that uses XML definition only.
CustomTable7 Custom table.
FormControls8 Form controls.
Widget9 Widget properties.
AlternativeClassFormDefinition10 Alternative class form definition.
AlternativeSystemTable11 Alternative system table.
AlternativeBizFormDefinition12 Alternative BizForm definition.
AlternativeCustomTable13 Alternative custom table.
InheritedFormControl14 Alternative form control.
InheritedWebPartProperties15 Inherited webpart properties.
SystemWebPartProperties16 System webpart properties.
PageTemplateProperties17 Page template properties.
ProcessActions18 Process action properties (used in workflow and marketing automation actions).
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