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CMS.ExtendedControls Namespace
Public classAbstractDateTimePicker
Abstract class for date time picker server controls.
Public classAbstractRatingControl
Common interface for content rating controls.
Public classAbstractUserControl
User control base.
Public classActionContainer
Container control that is supposed to be used for some input with additional actions.
Public classAlertLabel
Wraps label with additional markup to create alert box.
Public classAutomationManagerEventArgs
Manager event arguments
Public classBBEditor
BBEditor control.
Public classCMSAccessibleButton
Button that generates appropriate HTML code for its use in actions container.
Public classCMSAccessibleLinkButton
Link button control that generates appropriate HTML for CMS design.
Public classCMSAccordion
Public classCMSAccordionPane
Accordion pane.
Public classCMSButton
CMS Button with support for disabled items.
Public classCMSButtonAction
Multi button action.
Public classCMSButtonActionClickedEventArgs
Contains data of group button click event
Public classCMSButtonGroup
Group of buttons with capability to highlight selected button
Public classCMSButtonGroupAction
Actions for buttons in button group
Public classCMSContextMenuControl
Portal context menu base class.
Public classCMSCustomCalendarControl
Basic class for custom date picker.
Public classCMSDialogHelper
Class providing helper methods for CMS dialogs.
Public classCMSDocumentPanel
Panel for document information.
Public classCMSDropDownList
Drop down list with localized text string.
Public classCMSDynamicWebControl
Base class for dynamic Web controls
Public classCMSFileUpload
File upload control.
Public classCMSGridActionButton
Button that is used to render unigrid action
Public classCMSCheckBox
CMSCheckBox with support for localization.
Public classCMSCheckBoxList
Base control for checkbox lists. Supports localization.
Public classCMSIcon
Class representing an icon control.
Public classCMSImage
CMS Image with support for disabled state.
Public classCMSImageButton
CMS Image Button with additional functionality.
Public classCMSInfoPanel
Panel for information.
Public classCMSListBox
List box control with localized text string.
Public classCMSMoreOptionsButton
Button allows to perform the first action as well as to perform other actions which are hidden in the dropdown menu.
Public classCMSMultiButtonBase
Base class for CMS Button with support for multiple actions.
Public classCMSPanel
Public classCMSPlaceHolder
Public classCMSRadioButton
RadioButton control with localized text string.
Public classCMSRadioButtonList
Base control for radiobutton lists. Supports localization.
Public classCMSRangeValidator
CMSRangeValidator, inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.RangeValidator. Handles generally design of range field validator.
Public classCMSRegularExpressionValidator
CMSRegularExpressionValidator, inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.RegularExpressionValidator. Handles generally design of regular expression field validator.
Public classCMSRequiredFieldValidator
CMSRequiredFieldValidator, inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.RequiredFieldValidator. Handles generally design of required field validator.
Public classCMSSelectableToggleButton
Toggle multi button which acts as dropdown in the sense that one action can be selected and this actions is on top from now on.
Public classCMSTextArea
Basic multiple lines text editor.
Public classCMSTextBox
CMSTextBox, inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox. Handles macro security parameters.
Public classCMSToggleButton
Multi button which displays first action only as a label which opens dropdown list with other actions.
Public classCMSUpdatePanel
CMS Update panel - override of update panel which can handle events in layout.
Public classCMSUpdateProgress
Progress notification
Public classCMSWebControl
Web control.
Public classCMSWizard
Public classContextMenu
Context menu control.
Public classContextMenuButton
Context menu icon.
Public classContextMenuContainer
Context menu container class (calls the assigned context menu).
Public classContextMenuItem
Separator for context menu.
Public classContextMenuPlaceHolder
Placeholder for context menus.
Public classContextMenuSeparator
Separator for context menu.
Public classControlContext
Context object contains properties with information about current context.
Public classControlDefinition
Definition of the control. Pass in either string as control path or a Type as control type.
Public classControlExtender
Control extender
Public classControlExtenderTControl
Generic control extender
Public classControlsExtensions
Extension methods.
Public classControlsHelper
Methods for the enhanced controls management.
Public classDateTimePicker
Date and time picker.
Public classDialogConfiguration
Container class for CMS dialogs parameters which determine the behavior of the dialogs.
Public classDialogHandlers
Dialog handlers.
Public classDialogParameters
Class defining string constants for each dialog parameter.
Public classDiscussionButtons
BBCode buttons control.
Public classDocumentComponentEvents
Events that serve for communication of the document components within the system.
Public classDocumentManagerEventArgs
Manager event arguments
Public classExceptionReport
Displays an exception report
Public classExtendedControlsContext
Extended controls context
Public classExtendedControlsModule
Represents the Extended Controls module.
Public classExtendedControlsModuleMetadata
Represents the Extended Controls module metadata.
Public classExtendedDropDownList
Extends dropdown list. Adds possibility to save all attributes of Items to ViewState, so for example CSS class of Items persist through PostBack.
Public classExtendedListBox
Extended listbox.
Public classExtendedTextArea
Editor with syntax highlight support.
Public classFileSystemDialogConfiguration
Container class for CMS file system dialog parameters which determine the behavior of the dialogs.
Public classGetMediaDataEventArgs
GetMediaData event arguments.
Public classGetMediaDataHandler
GetMediaData event handler.
Public classGroupMenuContainer
Group menu container class (calls the group context menu if not set else).
Public classHeaderActionControlCreatedEventArgs
Event arguments for when a header action control is being constructed
Public classHeaderActionControlCreatedHandler
Event handler for when a header action control is being created.
Public classHeaderActions
HeaderActions base class.
Public classInlineEditingTextBox
Control used for inline editing a value, for example in unigrid. Best way to use it in columns that have sorting enabled is to place parent unigrid inside update panel and reload unigrid's data after successful update of edited value.
Public classInlineUserControl
Common interface for custom user controls used in content (in-line user controls).
Public classJQueryTab
JQuery tabs container class.
Public classJQueryTabCollection
JQuery tabs collection class.
Public classJQueryTabContainer
JQuery tabs container class.
Public classLanguageCode
Language code.
Public classLayoutPanel
Panel encapsulates the content with table cells to provide the possibility of rich graphical container.
Public classLinkItemTemplate
Template control for displaying the link in databound controls.
Public classListControlExtensions
Extension methods for list controls.
Public classLocalizedButton
Button control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedDropDownList
Button control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedHeading
Heading control with localized text string. Renders as H1 - H6 element.
Public classLocalizedHidden
Hidden field with localized value string.
Public classLocalizedHyperlink
Hyperlink control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedCheckBox
CheckBox control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedCheckBoxList
Button control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedLabel
Label control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedLinkButton
Link button control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedLiteral
Literal control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedRadioButton
RadioButton control with localized text string.
Public classLocalizedRadioButtonList
Button control with localized text string.
Public classManagerEventArgs
Manager event arguments
Public classMediaItem
Class containing information about the selected item which supposed to be used as media or link.
Public classMediaSource
Media source data container class.
Public classMessagesPlaceHolder
Placeholder for messages.
Public classModalPopupDialog
Class for displaying AJAX modal dialog.
Public classNavigationItem
Base class for navigation items. (Tab items, menu items etc.)
Public classPageExtender
Base class for page extenders
Public classPageExtenderTPage
Generic page extender
Public classProperty
Container for the general control property
Public classRangeDateTimePicker
Range date time picker.
Public classResolvedLiteral
Literal control with value resolved for inline controls.
Public classRTLfix
Inserts invisible span with "." because of RTL first character problem.
Public classScrollPanel
Scroll panel control.
Public classSecurityPanel
Security Panel.
Public classSimpleDocumentManagerEventArgs
Simple document manager event arguments
Public classSimpleManagerEventArgs
Manager event arguments
Public classSimpleObjectManagerEventArgs
Simple object manager event arguments
Public classStepEventArgs
Wizard step event arguments
Public classTag
Control representing tag (text in coloured box). Renders css class depending on color brightness to ensure sufficient contrast.
Public classTemporaryUploadsCleaner
Provides an ITask interface for the temporary uploads deletion.
Public classTextComparison
Text comparison control tool.
Public classUICalendar
Base Calendar class.
Public classUIContextPanel
UI Context wrapper panel
Public classUIDataGrid
Base DataGrid class.
Public classUIDataList
Base DataList class.
Public classUIGridView
Grid view.
Public classUIRepeater
Base repeater class.
Public classUITreeView
Tree view.
Public classUploader
File upload dialog.
Public classUploaderHelper
Helper class for the file uploader.
Public classUploadHelper
Helper class for uploading files.
Public classUserMenuContainer
User menu container class (calls the user context menu if not set else).
Public interfaceICMSDocumentManager
Document manager interface.
Public interfaceICMSObjectManager
Represents the object manager control interface.
Public interfaceICMSPage
Interface for the CMS pages.
Public interfaceIControlContextManager
Context manager interface.
Public interfaceIDataControl
Data control interface.
Public interfaceIDialogControl
Interface for controls which open some of the CMS dialogs (Insert image or media, Insert link, Insert URL etc.).
Public interfaceIEnsureControls
Interface for control that is able to explicitly ensure its child controls
Public interfaceIExceptionHandler
Exception handler interface
Public interfaceIExtensibleEditMenu
Extensible edit menu interface
Public interfaceIInputControl
Interface for a general input control
Public interfaceIObjectEditMenu
Represents the object edit menu control interface.
Public interfaceIObjectEditPanel
Represents the object edit panel control interface.
Public interfaceIShortID
Control that supports short IDs.
Public interfaceIStopProcessing
Defines a control with StopProcessing flag
Public interfaceIUploaderControl
Data control interface.
Public delegateAbstractRatingControlOnRatingEventHandler
Rating event handler.
Public delegateBeforeEventHandler
Before event handler.
Public delegateBeforeRenderEventHandler
Before event handler.
Public delegateRenderEventHandler
Before event handler.
Public enumerationAvailableGroupsEnum
Available group enumeration.
Public enumerationAvailableLibrariesEnum
Available libraries enumeration.
Public enumerationAvailableSitesEnum
Available sites enumeration.
Public enumerationButtonStyle
Set of button types.
Public enumerationCMSMultiButtonDropDownItemsAlignment
Defines sides to which dropdown items of the multi button can be aligned.
Public enumerationDialogViewModeEnum
Enumeration defining the view mode of the selector.
Public enumerationEditorModeEnum
Enumeration that determines the syntax highlighting editor mode and its capabilities.
Public enumerationEnumDisplayTypeEnum
Display control type for enumeration.
Public enumerationFormModeEnum
Form mode enumeration.
Public enumerationGridIconStyle
Public enumerationHorizontalPositionEnum
Horizontal position enumeration.
Public enumerationjQueryTabsPositionEnum
Tabs position emuneration.
Public enumerationLanguageEnum
Programming language to be used by the syntax highlighting editor. Determines the syntax rules and tokens to highlight.
Public enumerationMediaSourceEnum
Enumeration defining the source of the media.
Public enumerationMessageTypeEnum
Message type enumeration.
Public enumerationMouseButtonEnum
Mouse button enumeration.
Public enumerationOutputFormatEnum
Enumeration defining the output format.
Public enumerationSelectableContentEnum
Enumeration defining the type of content which could be selected.
Public enumerationVerticalPositionEnum
Vertical position enumeration.