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ICMSDocumentManager Interface
Document manager interface.

Namespace: CMS.ExtendedControls
Assembly: CMS.ExtendedControls (in CMS.ExtendedControls.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public interface ICMSDocumentManager

The ICMSDocumentManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodApproveDocument
Approves document.
Public methodArchiveDocument
Archives document
Public methodClearContentChanged
Clears content changed flag
Public methodClearNode
Clears current node.
Public methodClearProperties
Clears properties
Public methodEnsureDocumentsConsistency
Ensures documents consistency (Automatic blog post hierarchy etc.)
Public methodGetAllowSubmitScript
Gets allow submit script for save changes support
Public methodGetDocumentInfo
Gets default document information text
Public methodGetJSFunction
Gets java-script function
Public methodGetJSSaveFunction
Gets java-script function for save action
Public methodGetSaveAndCloseScript
Gets script for close dialog action
Public methodGetSaveAnotherScript
Gets script for save another action
Public methodGetSubmitScript
Gets submit script for save changes support
Public methodHasLocalMessagesPlaceHolder
Indicates if local messages placeholder is used
Public methodCheckInDocument
Checks-in document
Public methodCheckOutDocument
Check-outs document
Public methodIsActionAllowed
Checks if given action is allowed
Public methodPublishDocument
Publishes document
Public methodRejectDocument
Rejects document
Public methodRemoveWireframe
Removes the wireframe from current document
Public methodRenderScripts
Renders scripts
Public methodSaveDocument
Saves document.
Public methodShowDocumentInfo(Boolean)
Gets document information text
Public methodShowDocumentInfo(Boolean, String)
Shows default document information text
Public methodUndoCheckOutDocument
Undoes check-out document
Public methodUpdateDocument
Updates the current document
Public propertyAllowSave
Indicates if document can be saved within current context
Public propertyAutoCheck
Indicates if check-in/check-out functionality is automatic.
Public propertyCloseDialog
Indicates whether dialog should be closed after action
Public propertyComponentName
Component name
Public propertyConfirmChanges
Indicates if confirm dialog should be displayed if any change to the document was made
Public propertyCreateAnother
Indicates if another document should be created after newly created.
Public propertyCultureCode
Culture code of document
Public propertyDataConsistent
Indicates if the data is consistent.
Public propertyDocumentID
Document ID. Identifies edited document. Alternative to NodeID and CultureCode with higher priority.
Public propertyDocumentInfo
Document information text
Public propertyDocumentInfoLabel
Document information label.
Public propertyDocumentPanel
Document info panel
Public propertyGroupID
Community group ID
Public propertyHandleWorkflow
Indicates if workflow actions should be displayed and handled
Public propertyCheckPermissions
Indicates if document permissions should be checked.
Public propertyInvariantNode
Returns current document in any culture.
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
Public propertyLoadDefaultValues
Indicates if default values should be loaded when new document or language version is being created.
Public propertyLocalDocumentPanel
Local document info panel to override
Public propertyLocalMessagesPlaceHolder
Local messages placeholder to override
Public propertyMessagesPlaceHolder
Messages placeholder
Public propertyMode
Manager mode (Update, Insert, New culture version)
Public propertyNewNodeClass
Node class of the document type of new document.
Public propertyNewNodeClassID
Class ID of the document type of new document.
Public propertyNewNodeClassName
Class name of the document type of new document.
Public propertyNewNodeCultureCode
Node culture of new document.
Public propertyNextSteps
Next steps
Public propertyNode
Returns currently edited document if it is available in the given context.
Public propertyNodeID
Node ID. Together with DocumentCulture property identifies edited document.
Public propertyParentNode
Returns parent node for new document insertion.
Public propertyParentNodeID
Parent node ID. Indicates parent node for document insertion.
Public propertyProcessingAction
Indicates if workflow action is processed
Public propertyRedirectForNonExistingDocument
Indicates if the UI should be redirected if document not found.
Public propertyRefreshActionContent
Indicates if content should be refreshed (action is being processed)
Public propertyRegisterEvents
Indicates if manager should register for common events (save etc.).
Public propertyRegisterSaveChangesScript
Indicates if the support script for save changes should be registered.
Public propertyRenderScript
Indicates if java script functions for document management should be rendered.
Public propertySaveChanges
Returns true if the changes should be saved.
Public propertySetRedirectPageFlag
Indicates whether the page should be redirected to the current page which is being edited.
Public propertySetRefreshFlag
Indicates whether reload page property should be automatically added to the page for reload page functionality.
Public propertySiteName
Site name.
Public propertySourceDocumentID
Document ID of document language version, which should be used as a source data for new culture version
Public propertySourceNode
Source document for new language version
Public propertyStep
Document workflow step.
Public propertyStopProcessing
Indicates if the control should stop processing
Public propertyTree
Tree provider instance used to access data. If no TreeProvider is assigned, a new TreeProvider instance is created.
Public propertyUseDocumentHelper
Indicates if DocumentHelper should be used to manage the document (Use FALSE if modifying non-versioned properties.)
Public propertyUseFullFormSaveChanges
Indicates whether changes should be tracked for whole form or just for parts defined by data-tracksavechanges attribute.
Public propertyVersionManager
Version manager instance.
Public propertyWorkflow
Document workflow.
Public propertyWorkflowManager
Gets Workflow manager instance.
Public eventOnAfterAction
On after action event handler.
Public eventOnBeforeAction
On before action event handler.
Public eventOnCheckConsistency
On check consistency event handler.
Public eventOnCheckPermissions
On check permissions event handler.
Public eventOnLoadData
On load data event handler.
Public eventOnSaveData
On save data event handler.
Public eventOnSaveFailed
Occurs when saving data fails.
Public eventOnValidateData
On data validation event handler.
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