Kentico CMS 7.0 E-commerce Guide



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The Donation product representation is designed to allow a user to donate a sum of money. It behaves as a standard product and can be offered stand-alone or with various product options. However, you cannot put a donation into a bundle or select it as a product option.


Defining a donation


When creating a new product or editing an existing one (on the General tab), you need to choose Donation in the Representing drop-down list. After doing so, the Donation section appears below, allowing you to enter the following properties specific for this product representation:


Minimum donation - the minimum sum of money that a user can donate.

Maximum donation - the maximum sum of money that a user can donate.

Allow private donation - indicates whether the user is allowed to donate privately so that they will not be present in public donation lists, reports, etc. If enabled, an option letting to choose a private donation is displayed during the purchase process when adding the product into the shopping cart.




Reporting donations


Kentico CMS allows you to view donation reports. If you decide to view these reports, navigate to CMS Desk -> E-commerce -> Reports and from the Reports tree choose the Donations section. If you choose e.g. the List of donations report, you can see what users (donors) made what donations, how much they donated, and also some other donation-related details.