Kentico CMS 7.0 E-commerce Guide



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The Bundle product representation is designed to allow users to buy several different products as a single product. This can be highly effective if selling related products or products which would not sell well enough separately.


Defining a bundle


When creating a new product or editing an existing one (on the General tab), you need to choose Bundle in the Representing drop-down list. After doing so, the Bundle section appears below, allowing you to enter the following properties specific for this product representation:


Remove from inventory - defines the behavior of the product inventory when a bundle is purchased.

Remove bundle only - the bundle is removed from the inventory as a whole, but individual products are kept in the inventory.

Remove each product separately - individual products contained in the bundle are removed from the respective inventories, but the bundle is not removed.

Remove both bundle and products - both the bundle and products contained in it are removed from the inventory.

Products - allows to add products to be sold within the bundle. You can add any representation of product except for a donation and another bundle.




Bundle price calculation


During its price calculation, a bundle behaves as a separate product. Neither taxes nor discounts related to individual products contained in the bundle are reflected in the calculation.