Kentico CMS 7.0 E-commerce Guide

About this guide

About this guide

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About this guide

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This guide contains information about the E-commerce solution features of Kentico CMS, offering you a full‑featured E-commerce platform based on this CMS system. It will guide you through the basics of all the E-commerce features and explain how your website can benefit from using them. It will also navigate you through the related sections of the user interface and provide step‑by‑step examples that can be tried out in order to get hands‑on experience and see how they behave in real‑world scenarios.


To be able to understand the content of this guide, it is highly recommended to be already familiar with the basics of Kentico CMS. If you are completely new to Kentico CMS and have no previous experience with it, we recommend you to go through Kentico CMS Tutorial before proceeding further in this guide.


In the E-commerce features topic, individual features are listed with links leading to their dedicated chapters. Before going through the related step‑by‑step examples and trying out their functionality on your Kentico CMS instance, it is recommended to install the sample E-commerce Site and configure your on-line store settings to enable these features. It is also recommended to see the E-commerce user interface topic in order to get familiar with the sections of the user interface where the E-commerce features are located.





Please note


Built-in Context Help


Basic documentation of particular sections of the system's user interface can be found in Kentico CMS Context Help. It is useful in case that you need a quick explanation of the currently used functionality.


If you click the Help icon in the top right corner of each UI screen, you get redirected to the appropriate Context Help page which describes the current UI screen. The Context Help is embedded in the web project, so you don't even need to have Internet connection to view it.