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CampaignEditViewModel Class
Represents View model of Campaign Info which can be serialized and used for communication between API controller and javascript services. This wrapper has to be used because info objects cannot be easily serialized and deserialized.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.WebAnalytics
Assembly: CMS.WebAnalytics (in CMS.WebAnalytics.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class CampaignEditViewModel

The CampaignEditViewModel type exposes the following members.

Public methodCampaignEditViewModel
Empty constructor. Needs to be present to enable data binding performed by the Web API.
Public methodCampaignEditViewModel(CampaignInfo, DateTime)
Constructor takes CampaignInfo and creates new instance of CampaignEditViewModel containing all values required for communication between Web API and javascript modules.
Public propertyCampaignID
Unique integer identifier of the campaign. Refers to the CampaignID.
Public propertyCodeName
Refers to codename of the campaign. This field is required for enabling single object pinning.
Public propertyDescription
Campaign description used in reports, provides closer details about the campaign. Refers to the CampaignDescription.
Public propertyDisplayName
Name of the campaign used in listing and all reports. Refers to the CampaignDisplayName.
Public propertySiteName
Refers to site name campaign is assigned to. This field is required for enabling single object pinning.
Public propertyStatus
Refers to the current status. Can be one of the CampaignStatusEnum.
Public propertyUTMCode
Campaign UTM code. Refers to the CampaignUTMCode.
Public methodFillCampaignInfo
Fills given campaign with data obtained from current instance of CampaignEditViewModel. This method should be used whenever the call from client to the server with filled CampaignEditViewModel was made and the incoming object values need to be copied to the existing campaign.
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