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CurrentDeviceInfo Class
Class to hold current device information.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.PortalEngine
Assembly: CMS.PortalEngine (in CMS.PortalEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class CurrentDeviceInfo : AbstractDataContainer<CurrentDeviceInfo>

The CurrentDeviceInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodCurrentDeviceInfo
Public propertyColumnNames
Available column names.
(Inherited from AbstractDataContainerParentObjectType.)
Public propertyData
Data container for all available properties.
Public propertyDeviceName
Current device name in format "[Vendor] - [Name]".
Public propertyHardwareName
A list of marketing names associated with the device, separated by a '|'. A device may be known by many names depending on region or network. Likewise, a device may not have a marketing name at all, leaving this empty. This property should be used in tandem with HardwareModel.
Public propertyHardwareVendor
The company who manufactured the hardware. Some devices (such as PCs) don't reveal this information and will return 'Unknown'.
Public propertyHasPremiumInformation
Indicates if current device contains premium data information.
Public propertyIsCrawler
Indicates if the device is a crawler.
Public propertyIsMobile
The device's primary data connection is wireless and is designed to operate mostly from battery power (ie a mobile phone, smart phone or tablet).
Public propertyIsTablet
The manufacturer of the device sells the device primarily as a tablet.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public propertyMaxScreenSize
Returns max side size of screen size.
Protected propertyRegisteredColumns
Registered Columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredColumnsObject
Registered Columns object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public propertyScreenPixelsHeight
The height of the screen in pixels.
Public propertyScreenPixelsWidth
The width of the screen in pixels.
Protected propertyUseLocalColumns
If true, the object uses local columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public propertyUserAgent
Current device user agent.
Public methodContainsColumn
Returns true if specified column is available in current structure.
(Inherited from AbstractDataContainerParentObjectType.)
Public methodGetValue
Gets the object value.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public methodStatic memberIsPremium
Determines whether the 51Degrees device package is a premium package.
Protected methodRegisterColumn(String, FuncTObject, Object)
Registers the given Column to the object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected methodRegisterColumn(String, FuncTObject, Object, FuncTObject, Object, Object)
Registers the given Column to the object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected methodRegisterColumns
Registers the Columns of this object for resolving data macros.
(Overrides AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObjectRegisterColumns.)
Public methodSetValue
Not implemented.
(Overrides AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObjectSetValue(String, Object).)
Public methodTryGetValue
Returns value of column.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
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