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CMSConditionalLayout Properties

The CMSConditionalLayout type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveInDesignMode
If true, the layout behaves actively in design mode of the page, meaning that it evaluates it's display condition
Public propertyGroupName
Name of the layout group to which the layout belongs. If more layouts use the same group, only the first one that matches the visibility condition is displayed.
Public propertyPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Public propertyVisible
Returns true if the layout is visible.
(Overrides ControlVisible.)
Public propertyVisibleForDeviceProfiles
List of device profile names separated by semicolon in which current device must belong in order to display the layout
Public propertyVisibleForDocumentTypes
If true, the layout is shown only for given document types. The value contains list of document type class names separated by semicolon, e.g. "CMS.Article;CMS.Product"
Public propertyVisibleForDomains
List of domain names separated by semicolon for which the layout is displayed
Public propertyVisibleForRoles
List of role names separated by semicolon to which the user must belong in order to display the layout
Public propertyWebPartZones
Returns the list of all the inner web part zones (CMSWebPartZone controls).
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