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CMS.PortalControls Namespace
Public classCMSAbstractEditableWebPart
Abstract class for the editable web parts (web parts that needs to store the content within the document content).
Public classCMSAbstractLanguageWebPart
Base class for language selection web parts
Public classCMSAbstractLayout
Abstract page layout class.
Public classCMSAbstractLayoutWebPart
Layout web part containing further zones.
Public classCMSAbstractPortalUserControl
Portal context menu base class.
Public classCMSAbstractWebPart
Base class for the web part controls.
Public classCMSAbstractWireframeWebPart
Base class from wireframe web parts
Public classCMSAbstractWizardWebPart
CMSAbstractWizardWebPart extends CMSAbstractWebPart with Wizard manager properties
Public classCMSConditionalLayout
Conditional layout block.
Public classCMSContent
Placeholder for the layout content targeted to a different placeholder.
Public classCMSDeviceLayout
Device layout block.
Public classCMSPageManager Obsolete.
Page manager for editable regions.
Public classCMSPagePlaceholder
Page content container.
Public classCMSPortalControls
Represents the Portal module.
Public classCMSPortalControlsMetadata
Represents the Portal module metadata.
Public classCMSPortalManager
Portal page manager.
Public classCMSTabPanel
Tab panel
Public classCMSWebPartZone
Web part zone control.
Public classDocumentWizardStep
Document wizard step
Public classEditableToggleWebPartImage
Editable toggle web part image control
Public classEditableWebPartColor
Web part color control
Public classEditableWebPartImage
Editable web part image control
Public classEditableWebPartList
Editable web part label control
Public classEditableWebPartProperty
Editable web part label control
Public classHierarchyPageInfo
Hierarchy page info structure ensures the inheritance for current node.
Public classPortalHelper
Portal control functions.
Public classWebPartAccessDenied
Web part to inform about access denied to webpart.
Public classWebPartContainer
Web part container representation.
Public classWebPartError
Web part to supplement the web part that failed to load.
Public classWebPartFramesManager
Frames manager class which ensures communication between frames in a modal dialog.
Public classWebPartResizer
Web part resizer control
Public interfaceICMSPortalControl
Portal control interface.
Public interfaceICMSVariantsControl
Interface for the portal controls that have variants
Public interfaceIDocumentWizardManager
Page wizard manager interface
Public enumerationEditablePropertyTypeEnum
Determines what type of property the editable property is
Public enumerationPageCycleEnum
Page cycle enumeration.
Public enumerationWebPartZoneTypeEnum
Web part zone type enumeration which defines position of the web par zone used in the UI pages
Public enumerationZoneLayoutTypeEnum
Zone layout type enumeration