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SessionInfo Properties

The SessionInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertySessionContactID
On-line visitor's contact ID.
Public propertySessionEmail
On-line visitor's e-mail (user or contact).
Public propertySessionExpired
Session expired.
Public propertySessionExpires
Session expires.
Public propertySessionFullName
On-line visitor's full name (user or contact).
Public propertySessionIdentifier
Session identifier.
Public propertySessionLastActive
Session last active.
Public propertySessionLastLogon
Session last logon.
Public propertySessionLocation
Session location.
Public propertySessionNickName
On-line visitor's user nick name
Public propertySessionSiteID
Session site id.
Public propertySessionUserCreated
On-line visitor's created time (user or contact).
Public propertySessionUserID
Session user id.
Public propertySessionUserIsHidden
If User is hidden.
Public propertySessionUserName
On-line visitor's user name.
Public propertyUpdated
Indicates if record was updated.
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